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Our Approach to Leadership Development

We all know the world is changing faster than ever before. This requires a new kind of leader. We call them Transpersonal Leaders. 

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Our blogs, regular newsletters and more, highlight the most current topics and are available here.  

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We regularly produce thought-leading white papers (published by our partners Routledge) and are often invited to present our research worldwide. 

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Leading Beyond the Ego

Find out more about our book, Leading Beyond the Ego: How to Become a Transpersonal Leader (published by Routledge, March 2018.)

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LeaderShape Faculty

LeaderShape Global is a global partner organisation with accredited faculty based in an increasing number of countries (see Global Locations). Our faculty also travel internationally to other countries. They are trained to develop transpersonal leaders through facilitation and coaching using state of the art methodology and supported by online materials and tools.

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Group Programmes
Coaching & Mentoring
Working through Universities and Business Schools

LeaderShape Global co-creates Transpersonal Leadership programs in partnership with Universities and Business Schools up to and including the Master’s Degree level which are then delivered by the accredited Higher Education Institution (HEI). LeaderShape also provides non-accredited Executive Education programs that may be delivered by the HEI or LeaderShape’s faculty.

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The complete Transpersonal Leadership Coach (TLC) Training Programme
Differentiate your coaching practice; become accredited as a Transpersonal Leadership Coach and enable your clients to lead beyond the ego. This programme is split into two stages:

Stage 1: LEIPA Facilitator Accreditation
Stage 2: Advanced TLC Training Accreditation

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Developing Leaders in a Complete New Way

At LeaderShape we are Developing Leaders in a Complete New Way. Using state-of-the-art blended learning methodology, the development journey progresses from increasing awareness to learning to manage emotions and then to developing performance enhancing behaviours and cultures. This is followed by learning to bring values to full-consciousness, managing the ego and understanding how to make the best decisions and choices. In essence it is about leaders proactively rewiring their own brains – improving themselves – as a precursor and priority over changing their organisation, their people, and the world.

We believe in the potential for everyone to become the best leader they can be. To help you achieve your business’s vision, we take an approach that is entirely collaborative. We don’t work on you, we work alongside you to generate sustainable, measured, organisational performance improvement. We do this through the development of people, so they see their leadership as something that is beyond their ego and in the interests of all the stakeholders of the business. Our approach focuses on the practical ‘how tos’ that enable you to …

  • Embed authentic, ethical behaviours into the DNA of the organisation
  • Build strong, collaborative relationships
  • Create a Performance Enhancing Culture

…we call this Transpersonal Leadership

Transpersonal Leaders operate beyond their ego, continuing personal development and learning. They are radical, ethical and authentic while emotionally intelligent and caring. They create performance-enhancing and sustainable cultures.

We build from the base of our own practical experience as senior executives, connecting strategy with behaviours. Using our own suite of diagnostic and development tools, we work closely with you to design a solution that is absolutely fit for your purpose, incorporating the latest research evidence from neuroscience in learning and development. This approach has made us thought leaders in leadership, culture and performance.

Clients choose to work with us again and again because they know, like and trust us and enjoy working with us in a deep relationship. They appreciate that our first-hand experience means that we can adapt and flex our approach to meet changing needs and value our practical and contextual approach, bringing real meaning, immediate applicability and long-term value to the development.

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Meet the LeaderShape team

We deliver our services directly through a limited number of carefully selected associates with a strong background as Senior Executives or a proven track record of peer-level interaction at CEO level.

Meet the LeaderShape team

LeaderShape Global

UK Headquartered LeaderShape is expanding into five continents.  We operate in the UK, IndiaEast Africa, South Africa and Latin America.  In addition, we have a UK-based China expert.

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LeaderShape's former CEOs and Business Executives know your organisation's problems - because we've been there!  We deliver our services directly through a limited number of carefully selected associates with a strong background as Senior Executives or a proven track record of peer-level interaction at CEO level. We have demonstrable understanding of the issues facing individuals in the most senior positions.   

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