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LeaderShape Global co-creates Transpersonal Leadership programmes in partnership with Universities and Business Schools up to and including the Master’s Degree level which are then delivered by the accredited Higher Education Institution (HEI). LeaderShape also provides non-accredited Executive Education programmes that may be delivered by the HEI or LeaderShape’s faculty. This partnership approach provides HEIs with the latest thinking on leadership in a codified and modularised methodology that is transferable and based on best practice, evidence based research and neuroscience.

The core published text is “Leading Beyond The Ego: How to Become a Transpersonal Leader” published by Routledge in 2018, the result of 20 years of experience and development.

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Postgraduate Programmes

The table below shows 3 different routes to obtain a Master’s Degree in Transpersonal Leadership. The specific route chosen can be flexed to meet the needs of the HEI.

These programmes have been designed by LeaderShape Global with advice from the University of Chester, UK
that accredited the programmes. The programmes completed were delivered and assessed by LeaderShape’s University-Accredited Faculty.

MBA Programmes

The table below shows the course outline for a sample MBA Programme co-designed with the business school. “Concentration Courses” are based solely on Transpersonal Leadership (TL) and primarily designed by LeaderShape. “Infused Courses” contain some aspects of TL and are co-designed. “Standard Courses” are designed by the business school.

Executive Education Programmes

LeaderShape also designs and co-designs non-accredited Executive Education programmes for HEIs to be delivered either by trained HEI faculty / lecturers or by accredited LeaderShape faculty. These programmes can be of any length from 1 to 2 days, up to a year or more. They can be delivered as open or in-company programmes. The balance between face-to-face, online and remote video conference learning can be flexed according to logistic needs, budget availability and the client’s preferences.

Note: Routledge has published a number of white papers, authored by LeaderShape faculty on various aspects and applications that would serve as a blueprint and foundation for such programmes.

For longer Exec. Ed. programmes we would certainly recommend assessments and a blended approach where feasible. LeaderShape has developed its own ALIVE blended delivery process and unique tools such as LEIPA (Leadership and Emotional Intelligence Performance Accelerator), LeaderShaper and 8ICOL to enable candidates identify and embed change.

For more information on Transpersonal Leadership Programmes for Universities and Schools, contact John Knights on +44 (0) 7831 818339, or by email.