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Second Edition

Leading Beyond the Ego
How to Become a Transpersonal Leader

Edited By Duncan EnrightJohn KnightsDanielle GrantGreg Young

Want an introduction to the book?

Building on the concept of Transpersonal Leadership, Leading Beyond the Ego offers a practical approach to becoming an authentic, ethical, caring and more effective leader.

Rooted in the experience of senior organisational leaders and mentors, readers embark on a personal journey to innovate and enhance their leadership skills. Reflections are rooted in recent advances in neuroscience and acknowledge the challenges faced by leaders in light of new organisational and commercial structures, in a volatile and uncertain world. The reader is supported to transcend individual ego to develop beyond emotional intelligence to a higher level of consciousness and ethical behaviour; able to build strong, collaborative relationships, and to create a caring, sustainable and performance-enhancing culture.

Emboldened by the changing world and inspired by leaders around us, this new edition is enriched by new chapters on leading with purpose; managing (and benefitting from) diversity; health, resilience and well-being; sustainable leadership; and leading in complex adaptive systems. Every other chapter has been thoroughly updated and upgraded in the light of experience and feedback from readers, including a new section in key chapters challenging readers to put theory into practice.

Learn how to lead beyond the ego! An essential manual for current and aspiring organisational leaders, HR professionals, executive coaches and mentors, Leading Beyond the Ego is a vital reference source for anyone in a position of leadership.

Published by Routledge (2024), The Second Edition of Leading Beyond the Ego, is available to preorder from Amazon, or from Routledge's website. Use code ESA02 to save 20% when buying direct from Routledge. 


Endorsement for the second edition

"The LeaderShape Global team of John Knights, Danielle Grant, Greg Young, and Duncan Enright have done it again with a must-read second edition of their book Leading Beyond the Ego: How to Become a Transpersonal Leader. The volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) world-of-work continues to change at break-neck speed. The savvy modern leader must evolve to navigate a workforce searching for meaning and purpose, while still ensuring productivity and profitability for their organization. Leading Beyond the Ego is a road map that enables leaders to hone their strengths and develop new competencies that honor diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging to create workplaces where people can do their best work. Top leaders are also lifelong learners, and this book is an essential resource to become the best version of your leadership self."

Caroline Dowd-Higgins, Host of Your Working Life global podcast, Executive Coach, Speaker, and Author

"Leading Beyond the Ego" is an important book for at least two reasons. First, it is firmly grounded in John Knights’ direct experience, showcasing both personal and professional growth. This authenticity will resonate deeply with senior executives, as John’s career serves as a credible example of responsible leadership. The message is loud and clear: If I can do it, you can too.

Second, it is one of the few leadership development books that seamlessly combines high-quality theory and practice. Utilizing the powerful framework of the three intelligences, it integrates proven practical tools to build and measure a systematic pathway towards better individual and organizational leadership. The result is a unique resource that convincingly illustrates that leadership is ‘merely’ a matter of practice: everyone can become a good leader, one chapter at a time. 

Having worked with John for many years, I fully subscribe to his mission. May his book inspire many future leaders to transcend their ego and practice transpersonal leadership. The world needs it!"

Otti Vogt, Global Transformation Leader | Co-Founder of Global Society for Good Leadership