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ls210128-ls-partner-badgeLeaderShape Global is proud to work with Mathye and Ditlou Dynasty Corporate Consultants (MmDdCc) as its sole Associate in the Republic of South Africa, operating across Southern Africa. CEO, Mokadi Max Mathye is the LeaderShape Managing Partner in South Africa and an accredited LeaderShape Faculty Member. MmDdCc is responsible for developing LeaderShape's business and delivering its programmes throughout the territory.

Contact Mokadi:
Phone: +27 83 325 4676
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Read the thoughts of Mokadi and John Knights (Chairman of LeaderShape Global) about supporting South Africa's business ambitions and the long term future of the continent here.

The South African Government and its State Owned Enterprises embrace the principles of "Batho Pele" (loosely translated as "putting people first"). The assertion that all stakeholders should be consulted and considered on the nature and quality of services to be provided in order to determine the needs and expectations of the end users borders on Transpersonal Leadership (beyond the ego) imperatives.
For information about and a detailed definition of "Transpersonal Leadership" in a changing world see more here.