NEW book available now: Transpersonal Leadership in Action

A programme designed to harness the benefits that gender diversity in leadership brings to organisational performance by developing women leaders, equipped to lead 21st century organisations. 

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Why the need for women leaders?

Mounting evidence demonstrates that organisations with gender balanced leadership up to and including Board level, perform better by a variety of metrics including profitability.

LeaderShape Global’s research1 using the LEIPA® (Leadership and Emotional Intelligence Performance Accelerator) tool shows that women perform closer to desired than men in 15 of the 19 Emotional Intelligence competencies identified as necessary for great leadership in the 21st century. These include those that help organisations build collaboration, understand their clients, adapt to new markets and build a self-developing, performing culture.

1 Young, G. (2016). Transpersonal leadership series: White paper two: Women, naturally better leaders for the 21st century. Published by Routledge


How will the programme benefit you and your business?

It is not enough to develop women leaders. As business leaders we recognise that behind it all there needs to be some way of capturing the difference in thinking that gender balanced organisations bring. 

What’s the programme like?

The programme is based on the Transpersonal Leadership development journey2 developing participants to lead beyond the ego to draw on radical thinking while being ethical and authentic, creating performance enhancing, sustainable cultures. It’s a state of the art blended design, based on neuroscience and refined through research combined with over 15 years’ experience with clients. It ensures effective use of time while generating high impact and accelerated learning suiting the broadest range of learning preferences. 

Knights, J., Grant, D. and Young, G. (2018). Leading Beyond The Ego: How to Become a Transpersonal Leader. Routledge.

The 6 month programme includes:

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