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All organisations need leaders that can succeed in our ever faster changing world.
This programme equips leaders and their organisations to thrive in a multi-generational, globalised, AI enhanced, ethically sensitive, ‘VUCA world’. 

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) accreditation and certificate is available worldwide at no extra cost for those completing a Transpersonal Leadership Coaching programme as described here. This programme provides either 36 hours (intermediate journey) or 72 hours (intermediate + advanced journey) of CPD Accreditation by The CPD Standards Office

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Why the need for Transpersonal Leaders1

The world is at a tipping point; it is changing faster and more unpredictably. Society, technology and the climate are changing at unprecedented levels. Successful leaders recognise that leadership has moved on from being authoritative, hierarchical and pace-setting to becoming a distributed leadership underpinned by an ethical, caring, sustainable and performance enhancing culture. Only Transpersonal Leaders who are themselves emotionally intelligent, ethical, caring, authentic and lead beyond their ego can enable and maintain this kind of culture.

1 Knights, J., Grant, D. and Young, G. (2018). Leading Beyond The Ego: How to Become a Transpersonal Leader. Routledge.

How will the programme benefit you and your organisation?

It enables you and your organisation to become more productive, agile and sustainable through empowering employees and engaging fully with all stakeholders. It helps you attract the best people and operate for the greater good!

What’s the programme like and who is it for?

The programme is based on the Transpersonal Leadership development journey described in our acclaimed book1. It is specifically tailored for individuals who want to develop their skills and behaviours:

  • The intermediate journey (Emotionally Intelligent Leadership) is suitable for any executive wishing to improve their leadership competence. It is completed in seven, two-hour sessions.

  • The follow-on advanced journey
    (Beyond the Ego Leadership) is completed in six, two-hour sessions. This stage is particularly suitable for CEOs, executives who have been newly promoted to senior positions and for other high potential executives being groomed for senior roles

Between TLC coaching sessions, individuals will complete bite-sized online learning, reading specific book1 chapters, confidential self-assessments, performance accelerator tools and questionnaires.

Coaching sessions are organised into two parts. One part is to review the most recent learning from the various exercises and to identify how it applies to the individual, especially in the workplace, and what actions need to be taken. The other part of the session adopts an executive coaching format where the individual is looking to explore solutions to issues and challenges, but with the added advantage they can be considered in light of new learning.

This practical journey of discovery and practice uses state-of-the-art blended learning methods supported by internationally recognised evidence-based research; grounded in neuroscience that links emotional intelligence, culture theory, decision-making, ethics, values and purpose. Only LeaderShape's trained ICF accredited Transpersonal Leadership Coaches may provide this service. 

Examples of the application of Transpersonal Leadership can be found in a series of FREE White Papers authored by LeaderShape faculty and published by Routledge. 

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