NEW book available now: Transpersonal Leadership in Action

We have all seen the fall out and high cost, both financial and reputational of leadership that has personal prestige, power and profit as its primary raison d’etre. 

To bring to an end such negative situations, we need leaders who put first the true stakeholders of their organisations (customers, employees, suppliers, the community, the planet .. and yes, even the shareholders). They must be transpersonal, think beyond the ego and evidence Radical, Ethical and Authentic Leadership. Our approach supports the development of a leadership mindset and behaviour that provides sustainable high performance in responsible, happy workplaces.

Developing into a transpersonal leader requires intense development over an extended period of time. It will be hard work but most leaders have already shown they are determined, hard working and committed in what they do, so if they decide they want to change they can do it! The long term rewards of doing so absolutely justify the effort. Transpersonal leadership can be developed by those who are committed to change and improvement.

Leaders at the start of their journey operate from Rational Ego-based As-usual Leadership in which they primarily operate using rational intelligence or IQ, which is based on logic and linear thinking.  The next phase of their journey is to develop Robust Emotionally Intelligent Leadership.  This is a crucial stepping stone in the REAL leadership journey.  Our approach allows leaders to evolve through the stages of the REAL journey in a way that is meaningful and relevant to them and their organisations.

Our touchstone in working with you as a client is that commitment  to behaving in a transpersonal way in all we do and also thereby acting as a role model to help you in your own journey.

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