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Great leaders are emotionally intelligent! How do you rate?



HIGH FLYERS aiming for the top of the organisation need to know whether you can “cut the mustard” as a potential leader!  Do you have moments of doubt when those around you react unexpectedly? Are your plans sometimes scuppered, rather than supported, because of the way you’ve presented yourself?

There is nothing like the LeaderShaper App ( in iTunes or "Google Play Store" for Android download)  to give high potentials a sense of how Emotionally Intelligent (EI) you are; this is the first effective self-assessment tool available in this format. LeaderShaper can also provide you with a profile of your Leadership styles and capabilities and practical ways to improve the ones that are most useful to you.

(If you are interested in using the app for organisational development, take a look here.)

For Senior individuals, what sort of leader could you be? Do others agree with your self-assessment? What roadmap will improve your behaviours to deliver the results that will bring you success in your role?

We understand there is no tool on the market that offers such a complete package of advice and highly personalised report. The app is free, extremely simple to use and, with all the flexibility of modern technology, takes just a few minutes on a smartphone phone or tablet anywhere you happens to be.

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Access and download the app on iTunes here or for "Google Play Store" for Android download, click on this link.


WE KNOW LEADERS seeking success will want to go further. A personalised report on your leadership styles is a low cost in-app purchase – emailed to you within moments. It looks at key competencies for leadership such as self-awareness, self management and relationship management AND it starts to provide a way forward for your own development.

Find out more about the LeaderShaper Pro Report here and learn what it can give you to support your leadership ambitions.

For you, this is a high impact, rapid way of understanding your strengths and development areas – with a practical and immediate roadmap for change. LeaderShaper can be a fast, effective tool to cascade emotional intelligent ideas and values throughout the organisation. This is the beginning of a journey to grow future leaders and develop teams that can speak the same leadership language.


Using the LeaderShaper App for Organisational Development 

THE LEADERSHAPER APP has whole team and organisational applications too. Rapid, phone-app based leadership assessment provides an understanding of individual leadership needs. Linked to our bespoke LEIPA® (Leadership Emotional Intelligence Profile Assessment) process, these tools give a full gap analysis of strengths and weakness at personal and organisational level.

We use this process with remote teams to create a comprehensive programme of culture change.

See a case study with Keyring Living Support Networks.