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Sometimes, you or your organisation needs to work on a substantial subject; it might be around strategy, it might be around culture or behaviour. It might concern a specific issue or relationships that are affecting performance. On those occasions, an external, experienced facilitator that has the gravitas to hold the room in a safe place can make the difference between a process with a successful outcome and one that compounds problems. 

LeaderShape facilitators have Board level experience so are entirely comfortable working with groups and teams that sometimes might include the strongest of characters. They are equipped with a wide range of tools to engage and address the issues at hand to ensure an outcome that moves the organisation on. An external facilitator allows everyone in the room to participate equally without one or more attempting to fulfil the multi-role of facilitator, participant and scribe. Being ‘outside the system’ and working with observation, an experienced external facilitator can surface in a safe way, those elephants in the room, the issues that are avoided less they create conflict. A well briefed facilitator can hold the participants to account, drawing them back to the matter in hand where comfort is sought in safe subjects.


Here are some scenarios where LeaderShape has provided facilitation services:

  • Dysfunctional Board and executive team behaviours
  • Strategy development
  • Change programme implementation
  • Organisational performance review
  • Conference moderation
  • Education Policy generation
  • World café and open space events



LeaderShape also develops leaders to become competent facilitators themselves.  Find out more here.