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Shaping the Ideal Culture for Performance

The culture of an organisation directly influences performance – so being able to identify the ideal culture is a key step toward achieving it. Of course, as well as knowing where you want to go you have to know where you are right now. That way you can identify what behaviours need to be changed and what new habits need to be formed to achieve the goal.

LeaderShape has developed a proven model - the LeaderShape Organisational Culture Shaper survey (LOCS ©) to define the current and ideal culture of an organisation and practical steps to take to get you there.

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A typical programme would include:

Step 1:

  • We take an on-line survey using a representative cross-section of employees.
  • We subject the results to our model and report the outcome describing what culture and subcultures exist in the organisation now and what the ideal looks like for each department.
  • The gap analysis is mapped against behaviours that need to be encouraged, changed or stopped for the ideal to be achieved.

Step 2:

  • We run workshops for the senior team so that they understand implications and establish the change plan.
  • Cascade workshops to engage colleagues as appropriate.
  • Providing understanding and learning on the commitment, ownership and actions required to successfully implement change.

Step 3:

  • Support internal Change Agents to implement the culture migration.

Why measure both the current and ideal Cultures?

Most culture surveys just give a momentary snap shot of the perceived culture of an organisation.  Identifying the Ideal culture provides additional benefits:

  • Clear, early identification of significant differences.
  • A rich engaging dialogue to find the best “Ideal” culture is established and owned throughout the organisation.
  • It provides an opportunity for senior leaders to explain and influence other levels as well as listening to diverging opinions.
  • It provides the ideal opportunity to create a process that engages the maximum number of people in contributing to the necessary changes.

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